Claire Gallagher - The best thing since sliced bread!

speegs Registered Posts: 854 Epic contributor 🐘
:thumbup:Who else has been taught by Claire Gallagher at BPP?

I was lucky enough to go on her revision course for PTC last week, and just wanted to publicly thank her for being the best tutor I have ever had.

She is the most patient, understanding tutor I know and always has time for her students.

In case you read this Claire. A BIG thank you for all the help you have given me and my fellow mutants.




  • AdamR
    AdamR Registered Posts: 668 Epic contributor 🐘
    Alan Reed - Next best since sliced bread!

    Following on from Speegs' comments, I would like to add my thanks to Alan Reed at ISIS Training & Recruitment (Boston) for being an excellent tutor to me and my classmates for the past 3 years.:thumbup:

    His lessons have always been well structured with all the key points included and without it ever feeling like we were in a classroom, we all managed to learn everything to be able to pass our exams and be confident in our abilities.

    First class tutor and a big thank you once again!
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