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BTC Homestudy

confused!!confused!! Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 130

Does anybody think that BTC is acheivable by home study??
I dont have enough holiday to take to be able to do this one this year - unfortnately I do not get the days off for free and BPP dont appear to be running these ones on a saturday anymore :-(


  • DeeDee Feels At Home Registered Posts: 29
    Hi Confused
    Yes, I passed it last December as home study. I used the BPP book as recommended by our college tutor and just made sure that I did all the activities as I went along. If I can do it I'm sure that anyone can. I've just done the same with PTC and, fingers crossed, it was ok too.
  • confused!!confused!! Well-Known Registered Posts: 130
    Thanks Dee, il give it a go! X
  • CelticStarCelticStar Well-Known MAAT Posts: 142
    I taught myself BTC & PTC (I used both BPP & Osbourne books) and I managed to cover them both in a couple of months although I'm not working and I had to study quite intensively. I've just passed both so I did ok.

    Good luck whatever you decide to do.
  • jackiejackie Feels At Home Registered Posts: 81
    I have done all the AAT course by homestudy in 21 months including PTC and BTC in June '08. Passed all exams first time - yey!!
    I have not done any studying since my school days and I hit the half centuary next week :blushing:
    I used Osborne and BPP books for the tax exams, the past papers in BPP books were invaluable(answers have been changed to suit current tax year) I started in March after completing Unit 10 and sat the exams in June,I work full time with my own business and have family and animal commitments:thumbup: It is achievable you just have to be strict with yourself and commit plenty time to study - Good Luck

  • jilbojilbo Well-Known Registered Posts: 197
    Me too,

    I also started in March and sat PTC and BTC in June and have passed and used the same books as Jackie.

    Confused just go for it, I'm sure you'll do well.
  • PigpenPigpen Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 331
    Me too - Did PTC & BTC in june and passed - Hooray - Have done all AAT homestudy and have passed all exams first time so far - In middle of project now and 3 exams in Dec then hopefull qualified
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