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Unit 10 Project - for Visha

Monika01Monika01 Settling In NicelyRegistered Posts: 17
Hi Visha,

I have just read the comment when you are offering help on Unit 10 Project, can we have a chat about it please. I want start on that project now so I would finish it soon and then can concentrate on the rest.

Can you send please send me your email address so I can explain what I want and you tell me how much you want ££££££?????

My email is [email protected], sorry difficult to spel, I know :001_unsure:

Thank you, I will appreciate it.


    would you help me too

    I have just printed the guide and read it which is look complicated if possible will you please just try to explain us what to do and how to start.
  • Monika01Monika01 Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 17
    Hi Mohamed,

    before Visha replies to us, if she replies I started by buying a book and the same as you, printed everything what is on AAT website about the project. Also I started writing some ideas what to improve in my company and also started updating my CV which I heard we will need to add to the project. Let me know how are you getting on and if you have any ideas, let me know.

  • vishavisha Well-Known Registered Posts: 218

    Your quote

    "........and you tell me how much you want ££££££????? "

    If you have read my postings it’s all there!

    I get more £££££ when I give my advise/consultation to businesses!

    The time I will probably spend reading, marking and giving feedback is not worth what ££££ I will get then doing other things:- for which you are currently studying.

    Generally, when some one gets something for free, it is generally "worthless" to them.

    It's not even worth looking at it closely. However, when it's being paid for, people generally want to get its money’s worth!

    So they will read and scrutinise every word to assess whether it is really worth paying for it.

    My goal is for students to read and digest what I submit to them. And if they follow that closely, he/she may achieve the objective much sooner.

    Please PM me your e-mail if you are still interested.

    discount on books

    if you ask your college tutor,he/she might have the order form which allow us to have 20 or 30 percentage off the retail price.
    i am going to order unit 11 limiting company accounts tutorial /work book osborne books,unit 10 ,managing accounting systems & people,and unit 18 /19
    business/ personal taxation. i have got the discount form which has been given to me by my tutor.
  • Monika01Monika01 Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 17
    not enough knowledge

    hi Visha,

    to react on your email above. I did get an expresion that you are good at what you do and you are helping the students here who actually care. Now I know that your time is valuable.

    I think you are right to say that some people would not care about the work as long as they have to do as little as possible. Fortunatelly I am not one of them and I want to get help to but not to let you do the work. I enjoy the success of passing exam and the whole experience.

    But on the whole I do agree with what you are saying.

  • vishavisha Well-Known Registered Posts: 218

    May I first of all say that if you go and look at all my postings on this forum, they are to help students understand and resolve their predicaments.

    On the question of project I have posted many threads that help and get to the bottom of students difficulties. However, when I am then asked to look at their own work and give feedback, I can choose to do it voluntarily or I can provide a service, which can then be taken up or not. Just like a Revision Sessions offered to students. My postings on this is quite clear.

    When you say

    “I think you are right to say that some people would not care about the work as long as they have to do as little as possible”

    I think you are missing my point. The information and material that I have and am willing to part with it to help students write the project easily. However, the material is considerable, and students will need to spend time to read and digest it before starting to write the project.

    My teaching experience has been that students will not be bothered to read this because it’s just another hand out, but if it has a value then it is a different matter.

    I often see postings on this forum by students asking questions that have been answered just two or three threads below their query.

    If they are not bothered to read what is right in front of their eyes on the screen I hesitate to think ……………..

    It is not the question of “some people would not care about work as long as they have to do as little as possible”. Though I agree that this is the general human tendency.
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