Am i being unrealistic?

I ahve been studying the AAT for like nearly three years now i really want to finsih this year. I took PEV in june and i hope to take PCR and DFS in dec. On top of this i have three simulations and a project to finish.

Do you think im being unrealistic with wanting to complete this year?:huh:


  • sebastianforbes
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    i really think that you decide when you want to finish/complete your studies !!!
  • speegs
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    Which simulations do you have left?

    If it was me I would plan it like this:

    Start your project asap and do it over the summer. If you knuckly down it should only take about a month to do.

    The sims. well this depends on when the courses are and when your college will let you sit them, but I would aim to try and do them straight after your project around Aug/Sep time.

    As for the exams well they are definitely do-able in one sitting. I know quit a few people who have sat three exams last December and they all passed first time.

    I think if you plan you time well and are prepared for a long hard slog of studying then the only thing that might hold you back is when your college is prepared to let you sit your sims. Our college had set dates that we had to do them on, but other colleges may be more flexible.

    Good luck anyway.:thumbup:
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