Unit 21 HELLLPPPPP!!!!

carly181286 Registered Posts: 11 New contributor 🐸

This is my first post....so i hope your all kind hee hee!

Ive just sat BTC and PTC! (which i found ok...ish!)
But i need to complete my projects in order to totally finish AAT and move on to ACA!
Im stuck on the following points

- Finding 2 problems that i had regards soft/hardware failure and how they were resolved!

-Why is it important to protect your system against corruption of data?

- 3 types of common Viruses and explain each ones effect on the system and /or data.???

- What is the name of the act of parliment that makes hacking illegal?

- What are the main penalties for hackers under this act?

-What basic measures must an organisation take under this act?

And thats it!!!

Hope someone can help as soon as possible

Thanking you xx
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