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I was hoping for some advice. I'm currently employed as a finance assistant earning £14500. The company I work for aren't bad but I don't think long term there are will be many opportunities. I do cuurently get some study support, the company pays for half my course and give me my half back when I pass. I go to college in the evening, I get a couple of training days off for revision courses, but I have to use my holiday for any more days I need.

I'm due to complete advanced certificate level in September and move on to diploma level after that. I don't think that the company will support me for any more studyng after I've finished AAT.

I was wondering if I would be better off looking for another job now that might offer further support and more money? Are there many places out there that would fund ACCA or CIMA? What sort of salary ccould I expect now/when I've completed diploma level? Or should I stick this out until I've completed AAT and then look around, I've been working for current employer for about 16 months.

Any advice, hints, tips appreciated...


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    Hi Diana

    One of the first things an interviewer asks, I've recently discovered, is why do you want to leave? In your case they may add after 16 months. On the face of it you haven't got too bad a deal at the moment, although looking long term it might not be that brilliant.

    If you're not desperately unhappy where you are (and I get the impression that you're not) I'd stick with it for the time being. Yes there are employers out there who do offer more support, but if you jump ship after 16 months, will you do the same to them is what they will be thinking. Maybe consider again once you have Diploma level under your belt - perhaps by then things may have changed where you are and your present employers will be able to offer more. it not, then you have a reason for leaving - you want to develop your skills and increase your knowledge NOT just more study support & pay.

    I feel my own cv at the moment looks bad as I have changed jobs fairly frequently over the last six years. But I worked for my first employer full time for 11 and then 9 years part time after that. My new employer wanted someone who would stay with them for a while - I managed to convince them that was what I was looking for too! I find changing jobs too nerve wracking! I start next week - so I hope they and me have made the right decision!
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    Why don't you ask your company?

    It maybe they hadn't thought that far ahead?
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