Ecr Exam Questions ?

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Hi everyone,
as per most of the posts I am worried about the ECR exam, does anyone have any idea what time the question paper goes on the website today?
Ive been trying to remember all the questions but think Ive blanked them like a BAD memory lol.
Felt confident going in to exam because simulations all seemed easy, however really felt a few of the questions could have been worded differently. In the workplace this would not happen because it would be quite clear what information was required. Think the paper was seriously lacking in this area.
Worked really hard at this, as Im sure most did. Reading the threads there must be something wrong when there are that many students with the same doubts about the same questions i.e batch question, disposal on payback and oh rate.
Hopefully the examiners will take this in to account and word future papers a bit better. Dont think anyone is asking for it to be handed on a plate, but questions shouldnt be worded so the have that many diferent interpretations. Ok feel a bit better having got that off my chest. Apologies for the moan lol.:001_unsure:


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