Exam Results

Moseley_21Moseley_21 Feels At HomePosts: 59Registered
Does anyone know actually when we get our results for June Exams?

I will be in oz from the 7th to the 27th and really dont want to be checking e-mails frantically!!


  • Kalpana PankhaniaKalpana Pankhania New Member Posts: 5Registered
    around 18th or 19th August I believe.

    Good luck

  • lesscilessci Well-Known Posts: 180Registered
    19th of August if your registered to receive your results be email. 22nd August on the website and 23rd August by post. So if you've registered with my AAT you can even pick up your results in oz.

    Have a nice time:thumbup1:
  • Moseley_21Moseley_21 Feels At Home Posts: 59Registered
    thanks Lesci!! yes i have registered! can't wait! good luck!
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