June Exam Feedback Survey

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Hi all - it would be great if we all filled in the survey due to the amount of people that viewed the forum and had lots of concerns about both the ECR & FRA. I have completed the survey and this is paragraph that comes at the end which i think is very used to know....i have edited a few bit out. I think the bits about how our results are descided is interesting..SO GET THE FEEDBACKS DONE :thumbup:


You are now at the end of the survey. Thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to answer our questions.

If you wish to make any specific comments on exams, please email [email protected]. I can confirm that the feedback we receive on the exam papers is collated and considered by the Exam Review Panel (ERP) before results are finalised.

When the Panel meets in late July, it will consider all the evidence relating to each exam: the standards, centre and student feedback, marker statistics, statistics on candidate performances and reports from markers, as part of the decision process.
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