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Could anybody help me please?

I have to raise an invoice to an insurance company for the net amount and to the client for the VAT element for works carried out at a commercial property

I received instruction from the claim handlers that the VAT should be invoiced to the client as the client is registered for VAT.

My problem is how do I do it, when Sage automatically calculates the Net, VAT and total of the invoice.
I have had to do it manually, but does anybody know how this is done is Sage

My other question is: Is it possible that Sage could calculate the VAT amount incorrectly, I raised an invoice yesterday on which the VAT was about 8p more than it should have been. Please does anybody know? Im usually ok with Sage but this last 2 days dont know whats happening with it.:confused1:

Thank you



  • columbia
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    This is how I would do it.....

    When you Invoice the insurance company, enter the net total and use the Vat code of T9, this will not calculate any vat, and will not show on your Vat return.

    When you do the other invoice to the client, do not enter a value in the net column, use the Vat code of T1 and enter a total in the Vat column only, this will therefore only invoice the Vat amount and will show on your Vat return.

    As for the difference in Vat I have only ever come across rounding differences of 1p - sorry.

    Hope this is of some help.

  • jen
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    Are you using seperate invoice lines with an individual net value for each line?

    If so, this may be why you are getting a difference, because Sage always rounds VAT up. for example, if you had 16 lines of different items at £65 +VAT each, that would be £76.38 x 16 which is£1222.08. But if you did £65 x 16 then added vat, it would be £1222.00, which would give you a difference of 8p of VAT.
    Dont know if that helps or not!
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