Unit 10 help!

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Hi guys,

I'm just about to start my Unit 10 (diploma) project and haven't got a clue what to do it on or where to start! I have looked through some text books and looked at the posts on here but I don't feel inspired! Has anyone got suggestions on a possible topic for a unit 10 project?!




  • tattookitten
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    Where do you work? Is there anything that you think could do with being improved and does it involve other people?

    I'm doing a project on the restaurant I work in because its more interesting than my accounts office :) and I'm doing it on how to make more profit, this is then split into things like staff training and selling more products etc.

    Does this help? if you want to brain storm I'm more than happy to bounce thoughts around - pm me if you want to!
  • visha
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    Depending whether you are writing your project on work base or a case study this a good place to start as any.

  • visha
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    PM me your e-mail address and I will send you some useful resources
  • aer87
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    Can i just ask why you guys seem 2 be starting you Unit 10 so late?
    We were advised to start early, because you have to have meetings with your tutor, and also... it takes a few months to collate everything, and well.... they gotta be in this following month haven't they?

    I actually found the project easy-ish though, once you get into it, its just liek essays from your school days! Lol

    Good Luck & any help needed, i'm here 2 :thumbup1:
  • carolineleech
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    I'm doing distance learning, not going to college or anything! I'm sort of being tutored as I go along at work as I work in accounts, with anything I'm stuck with or finding difficult but with regard to exams and simulations, I am left to decide when I do each one! I'm not to a timetable as such! It's great as its so flexible but then making yourself work at it is challenging at times - there's always something better to do!!!
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