Suggested minutes for questions

80sGuitarSolo80sGuitarSolo Settling In NicelyPosts: 21Registered
I sat DFSL last week, the suggested times for questions were 55 minutes, 25 minutes, 25 minutes . I'm sure in other papers they've been 35, 85 minutes etc.

I know these are only supposed to be indicative, but would be it be too difficult for the AAT to set questions that can be slotted into 30, 60 or 90 minutes brackets?? I've enough figures to be dealing with in an exam to be worrying about finishing a question 55 minutes after 9.47! make it an hour and be done with it!!

Anyone else feel the same?


  • sharonsharon Well-Known Posts: 161Registered
    lol!! Never really thought about it! I usually just round it to the nearest 5 mins. And write the time at the top of the question. But i do get your point!
  • >Michaela<>Michaela< Feels At Home Posts: 37Registered
    I normally use it as a rough guide but dont take is as set in stone.
  • immenseimmense Feels At Home Posts: 97Registered
    To be honest I never take any notice of it as I just do the paper and keep an eye on the clock for the finish time. I look at the whole paper so I have an idea of what needs to be done and then just get on with it
  • DeeDee Feels At Home Posts: 29Registered
    I was recommended a good stopwatch so that it doesn't matter what time you start
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