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I'm a little unsure as to how i did on my FRA exam now i've seen the answers! I've really struggled with FRA all the way through, however i did get everything to balance by some sort of miracle i thought, but when i looked at the answers, i'd come out with slightly different figures but still balanced?! will i still do ok as i have shown my competancy and undstanding by balancing the figures i came out with??

Please can you give me your thoughts?



  • lessci
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    As long as you carried forward any errors correctly, you can't be penalised twice for the same mistake. You'll also get marks for showing you workings if they are correct, and it's just a calculation error. I know how you feel though, I got the balancing figures correctly, but I don't think I laid the accounts out absolutlty correctly.
  • visha
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    As long as you have applied right principles then you will be found competent. Remember you do not have to get the right answers to be found competent.

    I have made a mistake in answering the question paper and I would be penalosed for that one mistake only.

    So don't worry, you will be found competent.
  • cool cool
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    in Section 2,I did the some mistake in depreciation,but at the end i did balance P&L and BS n i thought everything is ok but later on from my friends i found out that my figures were different from others, n i m not sure if i am pass or fail.:001_unsure::confused1:
  • clazaridis
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    Cool Cool,
    I had the disposal wrong i think, which threw my figures out but still balanced..... ?!?!
    Fingers crossed i did the right thing with the wrong figures!
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