Working out Net Amount when I only have VAT total


If I have a figure showing the total amount of VAT, (in this case £167.56) what is the formula for working out how much the net total was?




  • rebeccas
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    I can get you the gross figure!

    VAT amount/7 x 47. To get the net just take off your VAT amount!


    17.50 VAT/7 x 47 = 117.50 (Gross) - 17.50 (VAT) = 100 (Net)

  • leanne1982
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    columbia wrote: »

    If I Have A Figure Showing The Total Amount Of Vat, (in This Case £167.56) What Is The Formula For Working Out How Much The Net Total Was?


    £167.56/47*7=£24.95 (vat)
  • flower
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    Divide by 117.5 then multiply by 17.5.
  • columbia
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    Thanks Guys

    Rebeccas yours was the formula I needed as I knew the vat amount but needed to convert it back to net.

    Thanks everyone else!

    I had a complete brain freeze, I know you /47 x 7 to work out the vat element from the gross and to x the net amount by 1.175 to add on vat I just didn't remember to take the vat amount and /7*47 and /1.175 to work out the net.

    Weird thing is I have already applied it a few times this week, but totally forgot it this afternoon when I really needed it!

    Thanks again everyone.

  • Dheepa
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    Try the following way
    Net Amount= £100 and VAT is 17.5 This means,for 17.5 the net amount is 100.(100/17.5)How much is for 167.56? (100/17.5*167.56=957.49)
    Answer(net total=957.49)
    Now find 17.5% of 957.49 You will get 167.56

  • columbia
    columbia Registered Posts: 580
    Thanks Dheepa

    That is very helpful, I always get confused when I have to work backwards on problems!

    Cheers again guys!

  • moosh
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    VAT calculations

    Hi guys

    Fo info I always use the following ways:-

    Net x 0.175 = VAT element
    Net x 1.175 = Gross
    Gross / 1.175 = Net
    VAT element / 17.5 x 100 = Net amount

    Hope this helps
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