PCR June 08?

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Hi everyone. When I sat the PCR exam I felt that section 1 was worded wrong. It was horrible, I was so upset and frustrated I couldn't continue onto section2. I ended up walking out after 1hour 20minutes. That has never happened to me before in my life.
Section 2 didn't seem so bad, but I cried after i'd left as I had put a lot of study into it .

Any other thoughts?

Richard TRO44ER1. :confused1:


  • sharon
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    Really sorry to hear that. But don't give up! I personally did not do that exam. But if you did not do section 2 at all, then i think you know yourself you have failed. Please do not let this get you down. Pick yourself and start your revision early. Next time round you will be fine.
    I do understand how you feel - i go into an exam room and completly complicate everything!
    Dont throw all the revision away you have been doing you WILL pass in the next sitting!
  • TRO44ER1
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    Hi Sharon, thanks for that. I am sitting the exam in December I am determined to pass it. Will be starting my revision this weekend. What exams did you sit?

    Richard TRO44ER1.
  • Helen918
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    Hi Richard,

    I am still very sore after that PCR exam. I spent so much time revising for that exam, my confidence with my studies is in tatters. I am resolved to keep going until I get my certificate for AAT Technician and my medal for mind reading in costing exams!!

    Hope you feel better soon, Good luck with everything

  • TRO44ER1
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    Hi, I am the same. I will sit the exam in December and go for it. With the way section 1 was , it just confused me. It was not worded like any other previous pass papers.

    It won't beet me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Richard TRO44ER1
  • flame engine
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    Don't be too downhearted. I think most people struggled with this paper. It was far more complex than anything we had done in class and 1.2 did not bear any resemblance to past papers.
    I have printed the papers off the website, and have tried to have a go at 1.2 and I still can't do it !!! does anyone out there know the methodology of solving this task?

    Like you ,I have put hours of study into this course - I did BTC and PEV as well- and I came out of PCR exam feeling like I knew nothing.
    Don't let it get you down, as I'm sure December's exam will be better (if the AAT are listening !!)
  • sharon
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    Richard i done MAC, PTC and DFS! Almost killed me, I know plenty of people have done 3 exams in a sitting and passed! But i found it extremely hard!!! But if i fail (Big chance i will) i will just resit in December!!
  • TRO44ER1
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    Ah, thankyou it's nice to know I wasn't the only one feeling like that after the exam!!!

    I will be doing it again in December. I am going to go through the paper tomorrow.!!!!!!

    Richard TRO44ER1
  • babs
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    PCR June 08


    I agree with all that has been said, all of the work I have put into these exams (PEV & DFS as well) and I honestly think I have failed the three of them. I stayed the full time of the exams which is unusual as I am normally finished by the last half hour (longest half hour in the world!) It didn't help that our class were three months behind in being taught as we didn't have a lecturer for the first three months of the course, no excuse I know but was defo harder to catch up! :confused1:

  • babs
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    Hi again

    Can anyone tell me what the 'Turbines' question was all about?? I found it completely confusing. Also the supply staff on PCR, never covered anything like that in class or from the tutorials, so how are we supposed to guess at what to do for this??

  • novemv
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    i agree with ya, i never fellt tht depressed before, pcr section 1.2 was soo damn difficult and the report was based on section 1.2. but section 1.1 is about 30 marks and 1.2 and 1.3 10 marks each.
  • osb2403
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    Hi TRO44ER1
    I know how you feel about PCR I failed it as well, the first exam I have ever failed on this AAT course! Section was my worst nightmare and I just hope I can get my head round it in december. I felt like giving up completely until I spoke to people on here and decided to give it another shot, hope you do to. lets hope that december's is much more clearer. I did post a thread on here the other day about whether the AAt exam writers actually listen to students concerns, had plenty of responses so lets hope thats what they do for decembers
    Anyway hope you go for it again and best of luck, hope we get through it this time
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