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Hi, all

I need to decide whether to enrol for technician at Kaplan or stay at college, i want to do day release.:confused1:
Can some please give their opinion on Kaplan, e.g course structure, support (i will need that) ?
Also is the technician level more diffcult than the intermediate, because i just scrapped through with the intermediate, without doing foundation?

Many thanks:001_smile:


  • speegs
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    I started with Kaplan and then moved to BPP. This is because I found that the Kaplan study texts/books waffled on about loads of rubbish you did not need to know, and then missed out things that then came up in exams.

    For example this years PTC exam tackled redundancy. Did Kaplan's PTC book? No:thumbdown:

    Luckily I also worked from the BPP book and studied with BPP whose teacher was nothing short of fantastic.

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