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Hi all!!
Could you please advise me which one is better than the other ACA/ACCA?
I know you can do ACCA through self study but I don’t know for ACA. So please tell if it is possible or not.
Thank you


  • jilbo
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    I asked this question myself last week and unfortunately I was told that I couldn't study ACA by distance learning. If you discover otherwise I'd love to hear from you.

    Hopefully I'll finish AAT at the end of this year, providing I pass the exams of course but I really can't decide whether to continue studying and if so which route.

    Best of luck with whatever you choose to do.
  • Ratherbefishing
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    I think you'll find that you need to have sponsored training contract with a practice if you intend to study ACA, which may explain why it cannot be covered via a distant learning course?

  • luds
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    I'm at that stage where I'm not sure where to go after AAT and to be honest I don't know the difference between ACA and ACCA, i.e. subjects covered etc, if anyone could be of any help?
  • peugeot
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    The difference between ACCA and ACA is like the difference between Tesco and Asda - same sort of thing but different names.

    ACA and ACCA have differing syllabi in terms of the subjects that are examined. ACA is predominantly practice-natured whereas ACCA is a mix of practice/industry. ACA does have limitations in terms of admission to study whereas ACCA is more flexible in this respect.

    However, one is neither better than the other and they have been recognised as on an equal footing.

    Kind regards
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