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Hi everyone,
This seems to be a regular thread, but how do you become a MIP. I have 19 years experience in accounts work (industry & commerce) but no practice experience. I am a full member of the AAT and last August took on a new role which meant I would work less hours, this purely to look at becoming self employed part time. Up to now I have done nothing about this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



  • Stephen Mason
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    I'm doing the same thing.
    Check out the regs on the AAT site, I think you need a "sponsor" to cover any
    periods away from the business eg, illness.
    Also write to AAT for licence. You will probably need insurance for Indemity.
    I found the local branch members helpful.
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    Hi folks,

    you should find al the info you need to register under 'becoming a MIP' on the AAT website, and the link to trafalgar insurance for your indemnity.

    Thats where I started. the form aslks some strange questions like how many clients you have in each category of service, what your gross income is etc.

    it seems a catch 22 at first cos iwas thinking i haven't got any cos i can't trade until i have the licence1?:001_unsure:

    however you just have to estimete these or think what clients you would like to get, but i think its better to pitch the income at the lower level so you get the reduced licence unless you're fairly confident you are going to exceed it.

    if you get stuck yu can ring their helpline to help you fil out the forms etc.

    if you apply for a large number of services you may find it takes a couple of months to come back, but i just renewed and i got my certicate in less than 4 days.

    Good luck both:thumbup1:
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