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I wondered if anyone on here could define what the rules are for skills tests and how they differ from exams.

I am studying via the diploma route by distance learning and as I am not working at the moment due to ill health I have had to make arrangements to sit my skills tests under supervision. I have had very little advice as to what skills tests are or what they entail from my learning providers and this has left me a bit confused.

Initially I thought that skills tests seemed quite similar to an exam in that you got a paper with questions and a time limit, worked your way through it and handed it in - without access to text books. The only real difference seemed to be that if you failed in a few areas that you tutor could give you extra questions to test your competence.

But this week I found out - quite by accident - that you can sit your skills test over a couple of sessions - I don't get why you can't have access to your books during the ST if this is the case - and that the time limits on the papers are only guidelines rather than strict time limits like in exams.

Is this true? It seems weird to me because I am used to exams.

Any further help or advice gratefully received.

CelticStar :001_smile:


  • garry_coombs
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    When I sat my skills tests you were able to do it in more than one sitting, but not have books in the exam. In some ways it makes it more real life, if you were in work you would have access to books etc, however they still want to know that you can do it, so you cant have the books under your nose in the exam.

    Skills tests are harder than exams, quite a bit harder in fact, but they are also harder to fail as the tutor will just ask you follow up questions to cover the answers you got wrong.

    I don't know how it works in Diploma, but thats my experience.
  • mark130273
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    well the skills test you have a lot more easier as most tutors will let you have it over 2-3 sessions .s o that way you can do as much as you can and what you cant do , you can go home and learn . and if your sneaky(not that i did) if your tutor goes out of the room you can look up in your books, but that would be professional ethics !!!lol

    hope this helps , but i dont know how this changes in distant learning !!

    p.s. how have you found distant learning ....dont know wether i could of done the course through it
  • CelticStar
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    Thanks Garry & Mark, you've both been really helpful and I appreciate it. I still think skills tests are a bit weird though!

    Mark, I am finding learning by distance learning ok as I have done it before but, in my case, I just didn't really have a choice so I have had to just get on with it! :ohmy:
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