How to gain tax experience?

LouiseRLouiseR Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 59
As the title suggests!

Is the best way sending out letters to accountancy firms asking if I can do free of charge work to gain experience?

Thanks for any advice



  • ademooreademoore Well-Known Registered Posts: 146
    I wouldnt offer "free of charge" work - nothing in life is free. Offer your accountancy services in return for a small wage as you are interested in gaining experience in the field. Cover your experiences and qualifications to date, and the fact the you can pass work their way as well as help them out.
  • LouiseRLouiseR Feels At Home Registered Posts: 59
    I didn't think I could charge, I'm in the middle of registering as a MIP I was told I wouldn't be able to practise in taxation as I didn't have enough experience.
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