Taking the plunge

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Hi! After much deliberation, I've 98% decided to take up studying again, and finally finish AAT! If i do, it'll be the only qualification i've ever *really* finished in my entire studying life.
I passed Int last year, which i did on day-release, but for a whole load of reasons, i'll probably have to to Tech by distance learning.
How big a leap is it from one to the other? I'm a little worried that i'll have forgotten too much of what i've done before, and struggle. Hopefully not though.. :001_unsure:
I'm planning on using either FTC or Premier, and taking Audit/Cash Management - opinions on these?
Looking to do CIMA afterwards probably.


  • MattC
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    I think it is just a continuation to be honest, not really any harder, just more work!
    The project is a bit of a pain , but other than that, same old same old.
    4 exams though!
  • blacksheep
    blacksheep Registered Posts: 56 Regular contributor ⭐
    good to know that. the three other girls sitting in my office have all sat AAT at different, and they have all found it really tough going. I didn't find Int too difficult though, so hoping that is a good sign for the next stage, and i'll not suddenly struggle.
    Since i'm probably going to have to pay for it in chunks, each couple of exams at a time, i'll probably leave the project to last.
  • fruitcake
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    not particularly much harder but quite a lot more work... the best tip ever is to get the report, unit 10 out of the way asap

    good luck
  • Raging Pineapples
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    Cool! I've got to finish up mine, since I still have my unit 10 to do. Lol. I had to base it on my own redundancy! At 22, I've been obsoletified by a machine :(

    Anyways! In terms of subject matter, Tech is pretty straightforward. It's not half the jump you would have found going from, say, Foundation to Intermediate.

    However, the problem with Tech is purely its volume. There are SO many units that you can easily go under at the first hurdle. Making up lost deadlines in Tech is a nightmare that I've experienced first hand and would not recommend.

    So do beware, I found that you basically have to forget your social life and personality for a year. How some of the working mums in our group managed it I will never know.

    EDIT: One thing I did forget: Tax on Share Disposals. You will actually want to die. :)
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