I don;t mean to sound as though I am belittling the qualification, but is there any point doing ICB if you are doing AAT? I can do the course FOC but I am just wondering if theres any benefit devoting time to getting the extra qualification.


  • columbia
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    I'm doing levels 2&3 alongside AAT Technician. Admittedly I started the ICB course a couple of years ago and then dropped it for AAT, but I was also offered the chance to continue the studies without making another payment, and so have decided to take the exams in October in both levels, then sit some of the AAT Technician exams in December.

    My reasons for picking up the ICB studying again are due to the possibility that the company I work for may not be trading for too much longer, I decided that if I got the ICB qualification within the next few months I would at least be able to go self employed with the full backing of an approved organisation behind me, as in reality I think it may take me until Dec 09 to complete AAT Technican.

    I am really enjoying ICB Level 3 and it is surprising how soon after AAT Intermediate you forget little things, so it has been like having a free refresher course.

    It helps that my tutor is excellent, and she used to teach AAT, so she is able to go the extra mile and help out with that as well.

    I find studying around work and children really difficult which is why I seem to be taking forever to complete AAT, but the ICB course is very good and I find it doesn't really interfere with my AAT studies, it is helping to reinforce my knowledge and gently get me back into the swing of serious studying again.

    At the end of the day it is a personal choice, the qualification is like AAT Foundation and Intermediate combined, with a few elements from the Technician level such as Ltd Co final accounts and Ratio Analysis, which for me sets me up for DFS in December.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

  • sarahwilson
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    Thanks Tracey, it seems you have done the qualification for some of the reasons I thought it would be a good idea.

    Did you go to college or do it distance learning?
  • columbia
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    Hi Sarah

    I'm doing it at home, originally through TDLC, although my tutor is freelance and has her own company and has been recruited to take over some of the TDLC clients.
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