Where can I get some literature on the 3rd yr?

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So far I've done IAC, AWS, ECR, FRA, PEV and OCMC, but I'm not sure whats next. I want to get my employer to pay for the last year so I want to give them some course info, detailing what we'll be learning in the third year AAT. I've searched the site and I can't find anything.

Has anyone got anything that's suitable?


  • moneytree
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    the topics for next year (from memory) are;
    drafting financial statements, managing systems and people in the accounting environment (4,000 word project), professional ethics (if you haven't already done it) and one more module, which i can't remember.
    you must also complete 2 from the following;
    personal tax, auditing and business tax.

    i would suggest getting some literature from your local college. the tutors should also be able to help you with advice regarding the financing your course, perhaps even speaking to your employer.
    i'm just starting my 3rd year too. although my employer is supportive of my studies, it is financed by the college itself - this is because i am a single parent. however it is worth speaking to them about funding. if you are on a low wage you may be entitled to some help.

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    If you look at the AAT Guide on the main part of this website you will find all the information you need.

    Hope that helps.
    CelticStar :001_smile:
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    DFS - Drafting Financial Statements
    MSP - Managing Systems and People in the Accounting Environment (Project)
    MAC - Mananagement Accounting
    2 options:
    BTax - Business Tax Computations
    PTax - Personal Tax Computations
    Implementing Auditing Procedures
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