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Hi There I need some advice, I have a sole trader who is self employed and employed.

she is a beautician and an artist and has income from both fields.

With regards to the tax return and accounts do I need to treat the different income seperately or can I use it together?

Her employement is a learning support teacher at the local college, I am a bit confussed as all my other clients have one type of income

Any help greatly appreciated



  • T.C.
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    So, basically you draw up a set of accounts for each of the two self-employed jobs and get a P60 for the employment. Then you complete two sets of self-employment pages in the Tax Return and one set of employment pages. Then, if you do it online, the tax can be calculated at the same time. No probs! :thumbup:
  • Moobag
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    Thats great, thanks for you help
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