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Hello all

Please help! A client of mine has been putting through meals as entertaining for customers which is fine. However the tips she leaves I have been coding to her DLA as I thought you couldnt claim these as a business expense. Is this right???!!! She wants to know why she can't claim them and I don't know!


  • Anne Boleyn
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    This is the first time I have posted but as far as I am aware, client entertaining is not an allowable expense either so the whole bill should be posted as drawings (or DLA).
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    It can be coded as client entertaining and put in the profit and loss but it will be added back in the tax computation so you can put the tips into entertainment a well.
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    I agree with BlueWednesday.

    Even though entertaining is not tax deductible it is still a business expense (including tip) and therefore the company should be footing the bill and not the director.
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