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Hi guys,

This is my very first post so please bear with me.

I am planning on starting my unit 10 project this week. I have been making notes during the weekend but really don't know where to start! This is the thing I have been most dreading during the AAT course!

I was wondering if anyone would have a copy of a completed project for me to look at just so that I know how it should actually look. I realise that I am probably going to be branded as being a cheat but that really isn't the reason for it. I have a weakness when it comes to explaining things. I am great at the maths side of accounting!

Any help would be really appreciated!



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    Project 10

    If you have the Osborne books unit 10 Managing accounting system & People then you do not ask for it because in this books there are two different sample projects.

    If you have not the books let us know.
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    If you look on the Technician section of this website there is sample projects and templates that can be used
  • Rachd
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    I meant to get the book from the college library before it shut for the summer holidays but didn't get round to it so I don't actually have a copy of the book.
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    Unit 10 projects used to get banded around on the forums quite a lot a few years ago. The AAT stepped in the end with a big "no no" on swapping projects.

    I realise that there are good and bad eggs out there that wouldn't and would plagiarise, but I guess a line ha to be drawn somewhere.

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    I too am trying to figure out what to do my Unit 10 project on. I will be starting a new job on 1 September (just before I start back on the Technician year) and am going to have to try to find a topic in my new job. Working for local government there are already loads of systems/software in place and the last replacement system was put in place about 4 years ago. So as you can tell I am absolutely toiling as to what to base my project on.

    What I have came across on the AAT Website is various help guides and templates for the project on the Student page. If you look down the left hand side there is a link called "Unit 10 Project Guidelines". Click on that and there is a lot of advice.

    Wish me luck :001_unsure:
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    hi every1

    im not working in an accounting function and therefore was struggling to start the project.

    from reading the posts i realise that there is a case study too, does everyone get a different case study or same, and are we even given a case study.

    Im studying with Kaplan in the evening.

    Can someone advise what a person who is not working in an accounting department do in a project like this.

    thank you
  • speegs
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    Hi S11AHS

    I would recommend that you do the case study if you are not working in finance. I think (although you should not hold me to this) that there are probably a handful of case studies doing the rounds. I have read a number of co-students case studies and have seen at least three different ones although they all seem to be along the same sort of scenarios.

    Anyway, if you do the case study you do not have to come up with too many ideas of your own for potential problem areas as they are all given to you in the case study. In this respect I found that doing the case study was the easier option. However, different people will tell you different things.

    Also, the case study is LONG and I mean REALLY LONG. DO NOT PANIC when you receive it. Perservere and read it through once quickly. Then read it in more depth a second time, highlighting the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for the organisation. Also drawn an organisation chart at this point. Once you have your SWOT anaylisys you can start thinking about which areas you would like to try and change.

    You should note that you DO NOT need to solve every problem in every area in the case study. Just select the ones you want to have a go at. If you do tried to do all of them you would run out of words too quickly.

    So there you have it. As you do not work in finance you might look at the project and not necessarily spot potential problem areas and that's were the forums come in. If you need any help just call out and we will come running (on the forums that is ).

    Good luck and try to enjoy your project. Believe me when I say once you get into it you will find it isn't all that bad. Also don't be afraid you ask work colleagues for ideas. You might not work in finance but I am sure you might want to do something about the IT function in the case studies, so you can speak to your IT department. Just an idea to get you going.

    Speegs :thumbup: (Happy to help if you need it).
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    It seems to be fairly common across the country that people get hung up about this and it never seems to be really explained that well. I dont work in finance, IT accounting software. Someone once said on this very forum that you just think of something wrong at work and explain how you would fix it. I read the first few pages of a simulation and couldnt get into it so decided to do something from work. In my case I focussed on the absence of a fixed asset register. It was easy to describe what was wrong, the benefits and how I would implement it. I broke the back of it one Saturday afternoon, got the criteria of this web site then spent a while bashing it into shape. It was easy because it was relevant, my boss happily signed it off and my tutor enjoyed (if that is possible) a case study which wasnt around a simulation like the other 20 students in my class. I got the feeling that the bar was set pretty low on the entire thing. All info is on this web site. If you want to be taken seriously about being an accountant, rather than a bookeeper, in business you need to stop being in denial about it and get on with it.
  • speegs
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    Well put Warwick.

    I did my whole project in less than a month and that included sending it to and from college.

    I really enjoyed doing it aswell. It is not a big deal doing the project.

    Enjoy yourselves.
  • S11AHS
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    Thanks alot speegs for your great support.

    Actually im unemployed at the moment this is why i was finding this project very difficult.

    anyway thanks alot for offering your support and will surely contact you through the forum if i get stuck with the project.

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    I would recommend you trying to do a project on one of the AAT Case Studies. I found it far easier to have the whole thing laid out in front of me rather than trying to identify all possible problems just by observing. I also realised, very early on, that there was no way on this earth that there could be one completely right answer. Do not try to address every issue you come across or you will be writing the report until the day you die! It's better to focus on 3 - 5 key issues eg. Fraud, Systems, Personnel issues etc. As you can see even with 3 key areas, you could write far more than the 4,000 words recommended. I would think by the time you come to write the report you will find it very hard to keep within this 4,000 word limit - I know we did at my college. (We had the added problem of having ours sent away to be assessed by the AAT as well so we don't even know if they concurred with our tutor's assessment of our work).

    As for a project to work from, I would suggest the following: 1) have a look at the example of a case study and answer on the AAT website - read them then try thinking if you could do it differently and 2) get hold of a copy of the BPP Unit 10 companion - I found it very good for explaining very clearly issues you could address and worked a lot of my project from there.

    Most of all, don't panic, don't leave it until the last minute and don't try to cover too much - so long as you cover all the performance criteria you will be OK. Good luck - you will get a huge buzz when you finally print off the final draft and probably read and think "I didn't write this, did I?"

  • S11AHS
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    is 4000 words limited or can you excede the amount ?
  • speegs
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    4000 is the limit but this does not include the appendices
  • welshwizard
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    Thank God for Appendices!!!!
  • speegs
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    Seriously. The appendices saved me. My report ended up being 62 pages long, but still only came to 4162 words. I literally stuck everyone in the appendices, all the indepth stuff. The main report (the bit counting towards the word count) was almost completely made up of bullet points that were referenced to appendices.
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    could you send me some notes about ppl swot analysis and recommendations please.
    i have passed all exams, i am struggling with unit 10.help please
  • ania
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    could you send me some more info about swot analysis and recomm for a case study PPL.help please
    my email address
    [email protected]
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