Unit 31 Sim tomorrow- need help!

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Hi All,

im panicking about my simulation for unit 31 tomorrow,

i have not received any exam entry details (ie: my desk number and venue) like i did for the other units i have sat.
Should i have recieved it?

also my tutor for this unit left out big chunks of the course,
ive tried to understand most of it myself, but can not get my head round moving variances ?

and one last query, is part 3 of this unit a project?

sorry about this but my tutor was just no help at all and i really feel let down,

please help!

thank you


  • talinka
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    Hi Layla!
    All you need is to complete the simulation request form and to send it to your course provider to let them know when and where do you plan to sit it.
    I am also sitting my AWS tomorrow at Kaplans centre, I've been send a visitor's pass, there is no need for a desk as everyone stis it in their own time. And don't panick! I feel like I should be panicking as I am doing distance learning and I don't get much support. Anyway I have gone through the course book and practice simulations, and if the real thing would be close to that I am quite confident. Part 3 you would have to complete i a month time, without supervision.
  • Layla
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    thanks for replying,
    i never received a simulation request form and the exam is tomorrow, however as the tutors all told us the same date i assume we dont need to fill one in.

    as for the project, do they give this to you after you've sat your simulation as i never received details about this either ?

    i admire that you are studying distant learning dont think i could learn like that!

    i have downloaded a simulation from this site, but there is only one available, may i ask where i would get others from ?

    thanks for your help and good luck!
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