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Dear All

Do I need to be a MIP to offer the following services to self employed sole traders and partnerships or can I offer the services anyway but obviously not link myself with the AAT.

Services I want to offer are:-

Financial Accounting and Accounts Preperation
Management Accounting
Personal and Business Income Tax

I am MAAT, have worked in accounts and finance for a multinational company for 6 years and previous to this a smaller family run firm for 4 years. I feel compentent in all areas but I am lacking the work experience in taxation.

Any help would be appreciated.




  • Nilesh Mandvia
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    Professional ethics


    This is what I understood that you would like to be a member but not advertise as you are accounting technician and offering your services such as.

    If you do this way than you have few problem.

    I hope you have read Guidelines on professional ethics of AAT, which chame into effect on 01/05/08. As per paragraph 200.3 "Members who provide accounting, taxation or related consultancy services on a sefl-employed basis in the UK must register on the AAT's Scheme for Members in Practice and comply with the AAT's Guidelines and Regualations for Members in Practice."

    I think if you a member of professional body, even you do not link yourself to professional body, but if you are a member you still have to comply with the rules.

    You do not have to register under MLR if you are a members of certain professinal institute. HMRC assumes that as a member of professional institute you are following MLR. Here you have a problem, you may have to register under MLR as ASps (Accounting Service Providers).

    I can see from your other post that Licensing Panel asked you to provide CPD plan regarding the taxation.

    My suggestion, would be to get a CPD plan together, do some courses on tax etc and get some experience.

    This may seem bit harsh, but you would be dealing with other people's livelihood, thier money and future.

    Kind Regards

  • peugeot
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    I agree with Nilesh' advice. Qualifying is one thing, but experience certainly does add weight.

    Really, you should only provide those services for which you are competent. If tax is not your strongest point then don't offer this service as you could risk your credibility if things go wrong (which invariably in tax they will do if you don't have the experience).

    Kind regards
  • claire
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    To you Both

    Thankyou for your replies.

    I am in the process of doing the CPD to present to the MIP licensing board and enrolled in some AAT courses and trying to enrol in some HMRC courses. I am trying to find the HMRC courses on their wesite at the moment but not having much luck, if anyone knows where to find them can they enlighten me, if not I will go direct to my tax office and ask.

    I am also putting out feelers for work experince. One of which looks promising, so hopefully this person will be kind enough to offer their help, I have just sent them my CV so fingers crossed.

    Once again many thanks for your help.

  • DaveP
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    My advice would be to go and get a job in a tax department of a small firm for 1 year and do ATT.

    The study will get you bang up to date and the additional 1 years experience working predominantly in tax will be invaluable to you in becoming an MIP.

    Take a pay cut if you have to. Consider it an investment in your future business. You won't regret it.
  • Monsoon
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    Hi Claire

    As you're a MAAT you have to be a MiP if you want to do self employed work. Any self employed work requires regulation for AML purposes, which is either MiP status or £95 to HMRC.

    As you don't have much tax experience I really recommend you go out and get some before offering your services to the general public. ATT is a great idea too.

    Best of luck :)
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