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just doin my level 2 home study diploma route, i want to of coursedo my level 3 next. I am defo changin home study centres, ive been looking around thinkin of premier what are they like please for home study

please your feedback will be hugely appreciated, i know its home study but basically i was told four months ago to start level 2 and i would get emails phone calls etc, this aint happened so i have need to change

please give your welcome feedback



  • RichardRichard Trusted Regular Posts: 373Registered
    I've been with Premier for over 18months, and have never experienced any problems with them.

    Tutors always respond to emails promptly, and are available until 8pm two nights a week if you are unable to speak to them due to daytime work commitments.

    I've passed all my skills tests and exams for Certificate and Advanced Certificate levels first time, so its working for me!!
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    thanks for your response richard, im currently on my smiulations for unit 31.1 and 2 have done and passed part 3 of unit 31 like.

    have you any materail that could be beneficial in me completing level 2 simulations unit 31- no word of a lie i drove 55 mins to go see my tutors as werent helpin me got there asked them about the simulations and she told me she aint done these herself yet so cannot help!

    please mate get back to me richard, very appreciated
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    Have you tried the sample assessment on the AAT website?


    When I did Unit 31, all I used was the Osborne books that Premier supplied. These books are very well written, and easy to understand. I think you can buy them from Amazon if you wanted a copy.
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    that link is not workin richard, dont know if its my comp but everything else opens okay like
  • miketranmerefanmiketranmerefan Feels At Home Posts: 42Registered

    just got it but dont suppose you have a copy of your ones with the answers ie. when i done the exam revision i just hammered the past papers and answers this works for me. so im trying to get practuice simulations with answers filled out to look and that but cant see them, have rang the aat cant help me.

    dont suppose you have yours still or you could email them etc

    [email protected]
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    Just butting in :001_smile:

    I totally agree with richard - am currently studying with college and we also used the osborn books for reference and exersizes which they were very good. Amazon do used books which i bought and in most cases were as good as the new ones but over half the price.
  • miketranmerefanmiketranmerefan Feels At Home Posts: 42Registered

    sound its just these simulations i need to finish before i can enroll on my level 3 i know i have passed that exam

    any help would me hugely appreciated
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    well mike, osborne books are good but they do have some complicated bits which my tutor has told us to ignore as they were just silly or long winded to get the same answer..............

    hope you do well in your skills and your exam ....

    aslong as your not going for any of my job interviews ??:thumbup:
  • miketranmerefanmiketranmerefan Feels At Home Posts: 42Registered
    sound mate i will look for your profile when applying for the jobs, ud get it anyway!!!

    up the rovers!!
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