Supervisor for simulations?

jane s
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I am doing Payroll by distance learning (seems to be the only way!!!!) and to do the simulations you are supposed to get someone to supervise you. I can't do it at work & you are not allowed to use a friend. The training provider suggested a public library - has anyone done this and are they OK about it?

If not, any other suggestions?


  • Rasmita
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    Acessment Center

    You can take simulation at BPP or Kaplan. I had purchased BPP's Homestudy pack, so I went to their acessment center and took simulations without any additional charge. Perhaps you need to contact them ask if they will let you take simulation at their center.
  • Priya-p
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    hi jane s

    what did u doo? because i am going to be in the same boat soon, and im not sure what to do.
  • gingervicki
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    this is what i am going to do

    i have been advised this........

    You will need to supply us(training provider) with the supervisor letter stating they will be happy to supervise you (must name you as a student) and that they understand they must comply with the AAT guidelines. The letter must dated and signed and also state what position they are in within the company and be on headed paper.

    The supervisor can be anyone within a work capacity


  • uknitty
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    I had difficulties getting a supervisor when I was not working. Kaplan said I would have to pay for the cost of the unit to sit the exam at their centre (which I actually did for one skills test because I needed it completed that badly !)

    A full member of the AAT can also act as a supervisor - have you tried looking on the AAT website for MIP's in your area ? Maybe they would let you sit the test at their office ( I would imagine most MIP's would be quite sympathetic to your position having gone through the qualification themselves !)

    Maybe you could also try posting a request for a supervisior to the MAAT discussion part of the forums ?
  • payrollpro
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    I agree with this last post. In fact I'd go further and say that I would be quite annoyed if an MIP, perticularly a fellow, turned down a request to act as supervisor to someone in this position. We need to learn that rising to fellow level and being an MIP means increased responsibility and the need to put something back into the profession at times.

    It will be interesting to see what response you get from such a move, I suggest a simutaneous post to the MIP forum as well, but first check that this will be acceptable because I have not read that bit anywhere.
  • Monsoon
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    Where are you? I usually have a spare PC / desk at the office here and would be happy to help. I'm in Wiltshire.
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