Three men go to a restuarant...

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...and at the end of the meal the bill comes to £30. So each man gives the waiter £10. When the waiter goes to get a receipt, he is told by the manager that the customers have been overcharged, and the bill should have only came to £25. But on his way back to the customers to hand back £5, he thinks to himself "hey, I could keep a couple of quid as a tip", he then pockets £2 and hands back over £3 to the men.

Question; how much has each man paid? How much is 3x that amount? Plus the £2 pocketed by the waiter? Minus that from the total the men originally paid...

What happened to the other £1???


  • Bluewednesday
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    I'm sure this one has been done before just recently - except about a hotel room
  • AdamR
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    Of the £27 paid (£9 each), £25 is in the till and the other £2 in the waiter's pocket.
  • JayneHogan
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    The bill was supposed to come to £25. Divide that by three and you get £8.3 (recurring). Now take the £3 that the waiter gave back to the men and divide that by three, giving you £1. So add that to the £8.33333333333 that my calculator displays and I get 9.33333333333. That just leaves the £2 tip that the waiter pocketed. Divide this by three and I get 0.66666666666. Add this to the running total and I get 9.99999999999. This would then round up as £10.00. In the first post the figures were just rounded to whole numbers accordingly and so each man got £9 with £1 missing - but you all knew that already.:lol:
  • A-Vic
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    yes was done but as hotel in a post last week
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