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I completed the AAT Level 2 in 2007 and found it easy and enjoyable. The following September I then started on Level 3 and found it considerbly harder, to be honest i was having personal problems (men who needs them lol) and decided it was best to discontinue with the course as I couldn't concentrate and had my mind on other things. I am now in a position to start my studies again :thumbup:but I feel a little apprehensive.... How's everyone else finding the course??? I need some encouragement:blushing:.....


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    Hi Shellbo

    I think you really should give the course another go. it sounds like you have your head screwed on (and you're right - men <sigh> who needs 'em, i shippped my man out just as I started level 3 and haven't looked back since).

    I skipped foundation and struggled to start with, but made a conscious effort to go to every single lesson, went over bits I didn't understand over and over again until I did. In the end I think I was just as confident as the other students.

    It's paid off at work too, even though I haven't completed technician yet, they have made me acting senior assistant with a bit of a payrise too. This qualification opens all sorts of doors to you.

    You go girl! :thumbup1:
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    I think your right, I've managed to get my self a job as sales ledger and still paying a decent wage, my background is sales admin and I've always found trying to cross to accounts a bit difficult, but due to redunduncy have now managed it.

    As they say...if at first you don't succeed then try, try again.
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