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Hiya Wonderful people

Not sure what to do. Qualified last year, thank God and have gone on to study ACCA, I work part time but wanted to do more work on the side, however ACCA states that as long as Im a student I CANNOT work and I am well gutted. Is this true or is this true.

If so what can I do.

Please advise.



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    well you wont be able to practice as a certified accountant until you are fully qualified, but you'd be able to work in an accountancy firm, or as a book keeper
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    ACCA student and work

    You can work as employee either in a industry or in a practice.

    As a self employed you can do bookkeeping up to trail balance, vat and payroll work. You can not provide advise, management account, cashflow forecast or taxation services.

    There are few threads search under acca practising certificate.

    Here is a link which provide further information.

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    Yes, this is true, and it's very prohibitive for self-employed folk. You can only do bookkeeping work up to TB as an ACCA student member.
    I appreciate that the ACCA want to uphold the integrity of their members and thus only let those who are fully qualified do the very technical work, but it's very unfair on self employed folk who have qualified elsewhere such as AAT.
    I would definitely like to be able to consider the ACCA but that would mean ditching my practice and all my clients, which is not an option.
    I do think the ACCA are losing out and ought to consider some kind of compromise for qualified non chartereds who have their own practices but want to become chartered.
    I feel very strongly about this!

    The other option is to find someone qualified to sign off the accounts and tax work for you.

    Best of luck.:001_smile:
  • otsua
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    Thanks so much for the info. Very much appreciated.

    Kind Regards
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