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could some1 please tell me wot books i need for technican level


  • troy
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    I don't know, but i would really like to know the answer to that question too, so someones answer would be much appreciated.
    I am planning to do CIPFA after Technician level, so i think i shall need to study business and personal tax and cash management? :s
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    I used both BPP and Osborne books at technician. Osborne were probably slightly better but BPP were perfectly adequate and are considerably cheaper if buying new.

    The exceptions are that Osborne is considerably better for Unit 10 (the project) but I'm not convinced that it really helped that much anyway. The guidance from the AAT ion this site is pretty good. I found both BPP and especially Osborne were quite poor on the standard costing element of PEV. They were often more confusing than enlightening on what is quite a tricky area to master. I found the AAT guidance notes as useful as anything for this.

    A word of warning if buying second hand, make sure that the DFS book covers IAS, the syllabus changed a few years ago. I'm not sure if there's any of the older books still being sold new but there's probably still copies floating around second hand. I got caught out buying a new copy a few years ago. You should also be aware that tax changes in the Finance Act are reflected in the following year's syllabus for PTC and BTC so it's probably worth getting these new.
  • troy
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    Thank you for your answer.
    I think i shall buy the BPP books now as the Osborne books shall be provided with the course
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