Unit 31 help!

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For the unit31 sage part of the exam is tere any need to configure the date on the sage program?

Also how do i print out:
Sales and sales returns day book
Purchases and purchases returns day book
Subsidiary sales ledger accounts
Subsidiary purchase ledger accounts
Main ledger accounts

Also A question asks to input a BACS remittance advice to a supplier, how do i do this?

Thanks for any help guys


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    When you initially set the company up, it should ask for a period date. If it didn't go to the left of the screen and you will see 'company' or 'company preferences' listed, go into dates and you can set the period req. Bacs is the same as receiving a cheque or cash, go into receipts (paying in booK) and list it in there, if memory serves, you list it as bacs in the ref column.

    The printouts that you require are all in reports at the top of the working page on the far right. If you look in there - and they are split into the separate areas eg bank, financial, nominal, customer etc (the same splits as the sage work screens) they are all in there. If you have the unit 31 aat workbook its all on page 309/310.

    The version of sage that I used didn't match the unit 31 aat workbook, i think that the book referred to last years version (sage updates/changes yearly)...

    Hope this helps...:001_tt2:
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    Try this attachment

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