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Poppy Registered Posts: 105 Dedicated contributor 🦉
Having taken PEV and DFS exams in June I'm unsure what to do next, I'm pretty sure I passed DFS but PEV is in the balance:001_unsure:

I would like to carry on with my studies but unsure whether I should wait and see what results I get or be positive and start to look at which option I would like to go for next.

Seems like such a long time to wait, fingers crossed for everyone :001_smile:


  • jorja1986
    jorja1986 Registered Posts: 210 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    If I were you, (and I have been in a similar posistion) I would book up and sit next years classes.

    If you fail just resit, sometimes its easier as you have a fuller understanding.

    it only my opinion though. I know of memeber of my class who failed a paper studied technician and just reat the exam in Dec and passed. They also passed the other paper they were sitting as they had to work that little bit harder.
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