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Hi everybody...
I have a big dilemma.i finished a four year university in Company Management two years ago abroad but one year after i had to move to the uk to be with my housband who is english, here.In 2006 my country wasnt in the eu and my diploma as graduate economist couldnt be assessed,recognised.So, i had to start with bookkeeping ocr, then aat foundation, then intermediate level.It was very frustrating for me...because i did the same matter in my country,Romania.
In 2007 Naric (National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom) recognised my diploma in Economics which was considered comparable to British Bachelor (Ordinary) degree standard (better than nothing..)...At that time i was doing Foundation level...very paintful for was like i wasted my time...
Yesterday i registered with ACCA and ACCA already recognised one paper as extemption-F1 for me.I could have done ACCA from 2006 but because my diploma wasnt accepted...i had to start ...with ocr and then aat foundation, intermediate.Waste of time...
The problem is that i want to finish aat-to have a qualification in this country as soon as possible.I'd like to be transfered from diploma pathway to nvq...but i dont know if they recognise my foundation and intermediate level from diploma pathway in order to go to nvq for the next level.
I would be very happy if you could advise me..because i am completely lost..
Thank you !


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    Hi Andreea

    As far as i know they will take in to account the units already completed - i have a friend that is transfering from NVQ to Advancved certificate and will be credited with units she has already completed
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