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Help everyone, It my first time on this forum. I have just started my AAT, needed a career change and now I an looking for some work experience ( I guess like many others ) I am able to do a day or two a week. I am based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire so if anyone has any ideas etc I would be grateful to hear from you.

Many thanks



  • whos that girl
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    hi ya, welcome to the world of AAT but im afraid to say unless your a really lucky person you have a hard chalenge ahead of you because its quite difficult to find work experience. dont get me wrong if you set yourself to it you will find something but many many people are quite bitter about the way companies and agencies treat AAT students with no working experience as its a right game to get a job. im considering volenteering just to get my feet in the door. but i could really do with the wage as im a mother of four children as well as a student, but im not gona let that beat me. Try high street stores, you know that shops that are used by chartered accountants. Try the meet and greet face to face approach, thats what im gona do next.
    good luck pureskill. If you do struggle dont let it put you off. keep trying.
  • mark130273
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    good luck on that, im in my second year and im still trying to get into the accounting area but got no luck ?

    but you might get lucky...
  • SalinaA
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    I would take anything right now even unpaid work experiance as the key is to get experience - once you have this your options tend to open up a bit more :)
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