What subjects are these units?

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Sorry I have just phoned up college as I want to do Technician stage in September and they have given me the unit numbers I am covering but can't tell me what subjects they are? Unit 8,9,10,11,15 and 17.


Liz :001_smile:


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    Unit 8 - PEV Contribute to the Management of Performance and the Enhancement of Value

    Unit 9 - PCR Contributing to the Planning and Allocation of Resources

    Unit 10 - MSAP Managing Systems and People in the Accounting Environment (the project)

    Unit 11 - DFS Drafting Financial Statements (Accounting Practice,Industry and Commerce)

    Unit 15 - CMCC Cash Management and Credit Control

    Unit 17 - IAP Implementing Auditing Procedures

    Guidance notes for each of them can be found here:
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    Units 8-11 are the core units.
    Units 15 and 17 are 2 of the options. The other 2 options are Business Tax and Personal Tax (or at least this info was correct 2 years ago! :001_tongue:)

    From personal experience I highly recommend you get the MAS project done earlier rather than later.

    Best of luck :)
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    I spoke to my local college about technican level and they say you can take a maximum of three of the four options, but you have to take two.
    Cash management (pass through skills test)
    Audit control (pass through skills test)
    Personnel Tax (exam)
    Business tax (exam)
    Depending on what you intend to do after Technician level may influence which options you take, as certain options may give you more exemptions for your first year of further study. But you shall have to check that out
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