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I find when taking on clients from other accountants some accounts come with really good sets of working papers to support the final accounts and look really professional. I have tried to search for any software or excel docs on the net without any real success.

Could anyone suggest where I could get a good set to use as a model with my clients or a software provider that offers these please.

Thanks in anticipation!!:thumbup:


  • DaveP
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    I think if you become a member of the 2020 group they give you a couple of CDs with all kinds of stuff on, including working papers.

    I just spent an afternoon with excel and made my own.
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    I made my own too which only need adapting slightly each year. At least excel has that flexibility.
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    Sorry to sound stupid but what is the 2020 group?


  • DaveP
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    Google it!
  • A-Vic
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    Our office use VT Accounts
  • DaveP
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    We use VT too. It's not a working papers solution though.
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    im member of 2020group, it costs £400+vat, you get a CD & paper version of Practioners manual with lots of material and guides you can use for your practice, plus they i think 5 free seminar in year.

    Regarding the workings papers, i purchased this from 2020 for £175 (title: Forms letters and tools CD) , these are either excel or word based that can be changed etc.

    i think you dont have to member of 2020 to get this cd.

    Its helped me to organise better with my papers.
  • GBooks
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    Thanks for all your help, I have had a look at 20/20 Group and think I am going to purchase the CD.

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