distance learning or college?

mr luvpants
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I am presently waiting for the results for my Foundation level. I don't want to tempt fete but I am confident that I have have just passed/passed!

I did the foundation course at college and have just signed up for the next level but I am thinking of which way to go. Two nights a week is a big commitment when I work shifts and work two nights a week as well so I was thinking of the Distance learning route. I am quite disciplined and so would not have trouble in getting the work done.

Be interested in peoples thoughts as to the benefits of each one please.



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    Well i did foundation at home and although i past i did find it quite hard to montivate myself. I understand the next level is harder and i think you will spend more time doing it at home than the two nights a week you would go to college. I think college would be a better option. They help you when you get stuck! Its a safety net really and they make sure you no everything you need to know to pass
    Best of luck
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    Distance Learning or College?

    I started Distance Learning Intermediate last November. I really didn't have the option to go to college as there is nothing within an hours drive, I have a baby, a 10 year old and a part time job.

    I have found that I can fit studying in around everything else I need to do and I can work at my own speed. I have just signed up for Technician Level too, so will be taking FRA (Intermediate) plus 3 Technician Level exams in December!

    Assuming you have broadband access there are online 'blackboards' you can utilise, the AAT website is also really useful too. You will still be given a tutor and with email you will find that you do have the support you need.

    If you are on a distance learning course I am sure you will have the option of attending the revision courses too, so you can meet up with other students, although you may have to pay to attend the revision courses as an 'extra'. You will also need to attend a centre for your simulations - unless you can appoint somebody to supervise you.

    Why don't you speak to the organisation you are training with, explain the situation and see if you can give distance learning a go, with the option of going back into the college environment if you find you aren't quite as disciplined as you hoped? :001_smile:

    Ultimately they will want your business/money and they really don't care how you do it as long as you pay!!!!!
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    well did foundation and intermediate at college and i found the help you can get at college is very needed in the second year, never had done distant learning i cant comment on it , but i think i would of well struggled with the second year if i didnt have to extra help from the tutor at college....big up Ann Rowlands !!!

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