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This is the first time I have posted on this website, even though I have been reading everyone elses posts for the last year or so.

I sat my last three exams DFS, BTC and PEV In June, the closer it gets to the results the less confident I feel. Is anyone else feeling this way??

Its so frustrating to think that your so close to it all been over, yet it all hangs on a email telling you if you need to go back to all that revision and nerves all over again if you fail xx


  • Poppy
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    Not Alone

    When I left the PEV exam I thought although I'd messed a couple of parts on a question it was fine but the more and more I think the less confident I become.

    I also took DFS but I'm really confident on that as it all balanced. This seems to be the longest wait ever!!!

    I also may now be able to do CIMA if I pass so will be so dissapointed if I fail and adds to the pressure I feel.

  • jorja1986
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    I'm not looking forward to my results.

    I have taken PTC 3 times now and I am going to scream if I fail it!!! :tongue_smilie:Fingers crossed I did okay i answered all questions and explained textbook style my answer. PEV that wasn't too bad I feel confident about it, (last time i done this though I failed all sections on all papers so hopefully this time its not misguided!). DFS I didnt balance anything and completely omitted goodwill so that is one for December. Luckily the content doesnt change to often so should be okay!

    Good luck all! :thumbup1:
  • Benny
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    Well I messed up my BTC exam I could have kicked myself it was so simple in hindsight but if you dont know something on the day then you don't know it
    I'm confident that I can do it this time around! so I guess the last one was just a practice!
  • lorraine
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    i actually had a nightmare the other night, that I opened up the email with the results and it said I passed DFS and failed section one of PCR, got i hope this nightmare doesnt come true!!! aaaarrrghghh hurry up exam results put me out of my misery!!!
  • 118 11kate
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    Hi All
    Firstly "GOOD LUCK"

    Secondly Im waiting for the results of one exam PEV then if ive passed ive finished, all my friends have already finished but I was on honeymoon when they sat PEV :001_unsure: I soooo don't want to resit but like others im feeling less confident the nearer we get to exam result.

    Kate x:crying:
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