Is Accounting suit for a deaf guy?

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I’ve just passed my AAT Intermediate. I’m considering take AAT Technician and ACCA afterward becoming a charted accountant.
I haven’t thought about this, it’s just come up to me recently is; I’m deaf, so do the accounting jobs suit for a deaf guy, who basically can’t hear everything? I mean, do Accountings included a lot of connect with clients (phone, meetings) so on? I want to just sit in the office, and just do the accounting, is that possible, if so, which type of accounting is that? Auditor?

In advance, many thanks for your reply.


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    I am not deaf, but alot of my work is done without verbal contact with my clients, ie email. I would have thought that you could run your accountancy business solely by email (and text). Good luck!
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    im deaf, not a member yet. Personally, i don't see how it should be a problem. It is about having the confidence in yourself to find solutions to these problems. If you can pass the exams then you are competent enough to be able to the same as any other guy. If you get the appropriate level of support, there should be nothing to hold you back from your career aspirations. Speak to your employers, they should be willing to make the appropriate adjustments, ie notes in meetings,etc.

    keep working at it and you will become a success, besides in this day and age everything needs to be written day. Personally, I find it better that I don't get involved in office politics(as I don't hear what is going on, worse in some cases since i am out of the loop, so can appear quite tactless, haha). I have even heard of deaf accountants becoming self employed and they get various grants in order purchase equipment to aid with client communication, etc.

    so, why hold back?
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    Hearing Disability

    The AAT magazine, Accounting Technician ran a feature a while back about Kevin Whalley MAAT MIP whose is deaf.

    It's in the features archive dated 21/9/06. The feature is entitled "White Noise". This is the link (hope it works).


    I am sure AAT would put you in contact with this member, although he is also listed in the members in practice directory.

    My part time bookkeeper is hearing impaired. We get along just fine with email, written notes and face to face contact in the office, whilst clients don't really notice any difference because most communication is by email anyway.
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    Many thanks! All of your comments' help me a lot; I was unsure back then, now I'm 100% sure that accounting is the career for me! Once again, thank you all.

    By the way, the link isn't working, I totally forget about Kevin Whalley, I sorta know this person, Kevin Whalley, he's my parents' friend of a friend. He workin not far from my home, so I'll try to contact him, and ask him if I can get work experience with him.

    Thanks, TB. :-)
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    Sorry , I can't get the link to work.

    I think you have to be logged in the the Accounting Technician website to view it. Just click on the link to the magazine on the bottom right of the AAT homepage.

    If you search on Kevin Whalley the feature is the first item listed.
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    Ah, found the link! Its definitely a good article, its does help me a lot.

    Thanks.. TB
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