Unit 10 - work based or case study??

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Hi Guys,

I am in a bit of a dilemma. I am studying my last 3 AAT units via Kaplan distance learning which I am finding ok at the moment, just have to push myself that little bit more. I work in a local authority internal audit section and need some advise on my project.

I am hoping to make a start on my project early rather than later and don't have a clue what to base this on as I don't exactly work in an accounting environment as such. My manager has had a brief look at the Unit 10 guidelines and has advised me to go for the case study option rather than basing it on work.

Please could you let me know what you would advise and give me a rough idea how long it actually takes to complete this section.



  • aatbabe
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    I have had a responce from my tutor at Kaplan advising that I must base my report on my employment (Internal Audit for Local Authority) as case studies are only available for unemployed people.

    I really need some ideas on where I can start. Is it based on an accounts system or a management system??

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    Generally students have difficulties to decide which area of work or topic to write a project on.

    As you are working in an internal audit department, you should have no problem in recognising an area where you could easily identify weaknesses in an accounting function.

    In a case study, you will need to read a lot to become familiar with the company's scenario and there will be many many problems easily identifiable, but students generally get confused easily and start to ask how much and how many problems should they write about.

    Where else you will be familiar with your work place/company and could easily write your project on work based experiences.

    Generally it is recognised that a work based project is much easier to write then a project on a case study. However, from a tutor's point of view, a case study is easier to mark and give guidance on because the tutor will be familiar will all the problems of the case study company.

    I would advise you to work on a work based project and it will make more sense and value to you and your boss.
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    I don't think thats correct about only doing the case study if you are unemployed! I did my project last year and i did it on the case study and am also in full time employment!
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    I think the case study is available for anyone- but my advice would be to base it on your workplace. Not only is there less reading to do, but you can make things up to cover stuff like fraud!!!! :tongue_smilie:
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