Is it possible to change one of optional units after you picked one?

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Hi all.
About a year ago I'v bought a whole Technician level in one go with distance learning.( £130 per unit)
I'v chosen to do Audit as one of optional units but my present employer now would prefer me to do Tax.
I haven't "touched" the Audit unit yet so I'm just wondering if anyone had a similar situation and have changed a unit that they want to do??:huh:


  • Emma1708
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    I did the same thing - exactly! Distance learning, I chose audit but then decided to do both Tax - I had previously only chosen personal tax but changed to business tax no problem. They just required me to send the audit book back in a 'new' condition and changed it over for me

    Good luck x
  • anastasia
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    Wow, that's great to know!
    Thank you very much for your reply.
    I will give them a ring (need to find out their number as I never had to contact them). I study with Kaplan Distance learning, maybe someone has a number for them? :001_rolleyes:
    That's cool about new condition as I haven't even touched my Audit textbook.
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