How to reverse an incorrect salary payment?

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Employee paid full months salary a month after they had left. (HR didn't tell me that they had actually left at the end of the prior month).

The employee has now re-imbursed the company the net amount that was paid in their bank.

However, how do I reverse the payment on Sage payroll? I need to do this and then I can issue their P45 and also make sure their earnings figures are correct on the system.

Can anyone help?


  • Monsoon
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    I'm not brilliant at Sage Payroll but I'd expect you'd have to roll back to the previous month's backup, create a leaver entry, then post the next month correctly without the person who left.
  • sheelagh
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    Sage Payroll

    I haven't used sage payroll for a few years, but I think Fairie9 is right. I seem to remember that in newer versions you can roll back individual employees.
  • Damo8604
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    Yep, roll back is the best option! There is a wizard so it's quite simple to do, click on the tasks menu!
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