CGT and sale of shares: I've forgotten....

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I'm normally a business tax bod, but my parents have disposed of some shares and want me to do the tax return 0708.

It's been a while since I studied shares and while I'm happy enough I'd appreciate some reassurance and/or correction/ slap with trout around face:

- Indexation does not apply - taper relief does (shares held after a certain date, I forget when but it's after the date).

- Mrs 9 transferred some shares to Mr 9. These are transferred at nil gain nil loss.

- Anything transferred into an ISA is protected once there (what if they were not in an ISA to start with?)

Shares were by way of Mrs 9's employment and bonus/ rights issues were involved. Am happy with this. Am I right in thinking I should look at total shares and costs per year (as TR applies not indexation)? I don't need to do an analysis every time shares were issued.

Thanks folks. Will pay to subcontract this out if absolutely necessary but I should be able to do it myself I hope :001_smile:
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