Thanks everyone!

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Just a quick note to say that I have just started working self employed on a part time basis, and have had some success with a small marketing campaign.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the past posts as I have found the information invaluable, and it has given me a lot more confidence that I can do this and make it work.

I am hoping to become a member in practice when I can find someone to respond to my emails for professional cover!

So thanks a bunch! :thumbup:



  • pussycat58
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    hi Kelly,

    What did your marketing campaign consist of?

    I have a couple of clients that were referred to me but they are only year end people.

    I went around some local small businesses with my flyers and business cards to introduce myself. I'm not sure if this was quite professional but everyone was really nice and wished me luck and some said that they would contact me.

    A business contact of my husband has also been passing my cards around and another friend has put one up in the shop where she works.

    Any other ideas appreciated.

  • Kelloggs
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    I ordered a load of large postcards from Vistaprint and sent them out in the post. I have had 2 clients through this (I have only sent out 260 cards so far). I went through Yell and targeted specific business sectors where I have good knowledge, and sent the postcards to them. I also offered 10% discount on their first years bill.

    I have also had some success posting on Gumtree (I don't know which areas this is available in). It's free, and you can advertise services.

    Most of my clients have come through friends and family - that was actually what made me start up on my own.

    Good luck!
  • pussycat58
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    Hi kelly,

    thanks for that, it sounds similar to what i am doing with flyers but it gives an idea how much you need to send out to get a return, so it looks like i've got a few to get out yet!

    did you put prices on the cards or just say 10% discount? Ive been advertising '1st hour free to discuss needs no obligation' and 'discountied rates for non profit orgs' but the first year discount sounds a better idea.

    Plodding on
    Josie :)

    PS good luck with the cover
  • DaveP
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    Well done on going solo.

    I sent out around 500 Vistaprint flyers when I started and got exactly ONE client from it!!

    Oh, and try contacting the secretary of your local AAT branch to find professional cover. You are supposed to have cover in place before you start offering work.
  • Anne Boleyn
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    Hi Kelly

    Re: professional cover. What area are you in?
  • Kelloggs
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    I'm based in Plymouth. I've still not had any reply from anyone. I offer services to sole traders and partnerships. I have professional indemnity insurance.
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