sorry unit 10 question again

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HI All
I have been my AAT for what seems forever and only have the project to do
started this dec last year and then decided to move so it was put on hold
then in Feb left job and started a new one
my problem is that I am quite a way into the project based on my old job and
had got a few good ideas on where I was going - can I carry on with this
project as my boss has also left the company and I dont really want to track her down. I am pretty sure that somebody at my new company would sign it off although its a completey different sort of company - old one was a hospital new one is a shipping company - dont really want to start all over again


  • visha
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    Yours is a very interesting question but a common one.

    Firstly approach your college tutor who will be very understanding and sympathetic.

    Generally speaking your project work can be submitted for AAT Unit 10 purposed provided it is less then 2 years old when the tutor/assessor signs it off.

    The only problem you will have is the employer’s authentication of your work.

    Unfortunately your present employer’s authentication will not be valid for AAT NVQ qualification. It would be easier to get the authentication either from your old boss or some one else from your old company. The project is on your old company’s systems and they will benefit from your project work. I am sure that they will be sympathetic to your predicament.

    Alternatively, your tutor may be able to help and authenticate your project but I am sure he/she will get some guidance from AAT.

    It’s not as bad as it sounds. Approach your tutor.
  • cpoultney
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    thanks for advice but another slight problem _ i am home study
    so do not have a tutor
    I think the only thing I can do is approach the aat and see what they suggest
  • karenv
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    I did home study too. I cant understand why there is no one to ask.
    I did BPP home study and was in email contact with a tutor who guided me through the project.
    When it was completed I had to send a copy to that tutor for signing off.
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