Progression to Technician Level

I am waiting on my results as I know most people are from the last (for me) in the Intermediate Level, which are due via email sometime after midnight tonight.

At the college I attend we have been told that the first September module will be MAC (there is no choice which you do, you have to go with what the college covers), but 3 months to do MAC, is that enough time? We then study DFS from December with all the others fitted in and around these two over a 12 month academic year! Looking at all of the papers it looks to me anyway, that 12 months is not enough time?

MAC alone looks horrendous! I struggled with ECR at Intermediate level and did not like it either because of that struggle, so how on earth I will cope with all of them I dont know. From the past papers, they all look so difficult.

I dont know whether to enrol or not. On the one hand, I am thinking, that I should not be a defeatist, after all, I started AAT last year purely as a personal goal, (I never thought it would get me a better job) so I should continue. On the other hand, the summer break has been so nice; inasmuch as I have not had to sit studying endlessly for hours with papers everywhere; not had my kids wondering why they have not had their dinner as it has gone 9 o'clock; not had my printer freaking out and driving me mad as it attempts to cope with printing endless pages of previous test papers; ending up only printing hierglyphics!!

I have lost all trace of confidence I had at Intermediate level and just wondered how everyone else was feeling that are going on to Technician level in September? Any help or advice from all would be appreciated including current and previousTechnician level students. Thanks


  • Pigpen
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    Hang on in there - I am half way through my Technician stage and sat two exams in June and got married 3 weeks later. Also whilst bringing up 3 teenage boys, I am distance learning - If I pass these two exams I will have 3 left and my project which I am half way through

    Sometimes I could bin the whole thing but I actually really enjoy it and I find distance learning easier to fit in - You have to be quite disciplined tho - You could also defer for six months or a year and take it up again when you feel a bit more together - I personally would hang on in there - :thumbup1:
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